Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summer is here and it's fricking HOT!

So after my first couple attempts at cutting the grass, I've given up and decided to outsource it...If you recall from any of your business classes, the opportunity cost for me cutting the grass is just not worth it. I would rather spend time with my family...Or play PS3!

Alex: Man that kid grows fast! He became mobile about 3 weeks ago and started pulling himself up onto things like the same day. Now we can't leave him unattended because he gets into everything! For example: His favorite activity is scooting across the kitchen to try to eat the cat food...Trust me kid, it looks good but tastes like ass. Alex is now 9 months and we are expecting him to start walking any day! Oh yeah, the picture of Alex is from his first vacation to Florida and he's in the swimming pool. He absolutely loves the water, however the water was suspiciously warm around his inner tube.

Stoopid: I didn't realize until recently that all my actions and words were open to interpretation. I know that comment sounds really basic, but I've always considered myself to be a fairly straight forward person in everything I do! What brings this to mind? Well I've had some recent conversations at work and I didn't realize that some people thought my actions were politically motivated...WTF??!! I'm like the least corporate, political person there is!! That being said, I understand the point of view...Doesn't mean I have to like it. I guess it's just another symptom of "maturing".

Shout outs: Happy belated birthday Bharati! What are you like 40 now? Sam WTF? What's got you so busy boy? Congrats on the new jobs to Sarah and Carl! SPECIAL SHOUT AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CHRISSY, THE OLDEST WHITE GIRL I KNOW!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Too many games on HD...Must sleep.

Damn it! Why do they have to put the Wings and Pistons on in the same night? Some of us have jobs!

Stupid Pistons...Giving up two games in a row to the Bulls! Alex even wore his Sheed jersey for the game. Wings on the other hand are crushing the Ducks with a 5-0 beat down the other night. Of course, that sissy Pronger had to get in a cheap shot before the end of the game. Suspend that bitch.

Anyway, had a chance to cut the grass last week and it took my 2.5 hours. Sucked ass since it was so humid outside and I had to change the bag 20+ times since I let the grass grow so long. My fault I know, but I like complaining.

Alex: Damn he's growing fast. He's got two teeth that have broken the surface on the bottom and one on the top. He's barely crawling forward (he prefers to crawl backwards...in other words he likes to back that ass up!) and already he's holding onto things trying to stand up...Alex is freakishly strong. Oh yeah, he's also on solids now. Mainly peas, corn puffs and baby food.

Stoopid: Was on M14 heading to work and the left lane was actually moving slower than the right...Much slower. Switched lanes and passed on the right...After half a mile and about a dozen cars, passed a lady in a G6 at the front of the group, putting on make up while driving very poorly in the left lane. Get up earlier to put your face on you ugly bitch!

Family: Well it looks like I've got a new "sister". Tim finally tricked Shirley into marrying him. Much drinking was done by all. Speaking of which, watch out for drunk older people at Korean weddings. A family friend was sighted slapping the groom, hitting on my wife and spilling red wine all over my cousin Bob's shirt. In the middle is my cousin Mike, to the right is another cousin Teddy. You know the rest. Everyone should know that Mike drinks like he's an old man. He was complaining about how he was "forced" to get hammered two nights in a row. Buck up you sissy.
Shout outs: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHIRLEY! Chris and Patti are you guys in Europe yet? Did I hear correctly that you were flying out of Amsterdam or was that just wishful, vicarious thinking? Carl we should get together again before you head out to Cali. Sam, where are you boi? You haven't even seen Alex yet!!! Gotta stop chasing the jah-jee.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Spring is finally here!

After living in a condo for several years, we have now lived in our house for 10 months. We love not being bothered by noisy neighbors, but now face a whole new set of issues; the biggest being yard work! We just had the place landscaped in October of 06 and the new sod has really started to grow...Give it a few more weeks without mowing and our place will look like a crack house!

Anyway, here's a great picture of Alex all decked out for Spring!